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Rugby Oregon

Fall 7s Completed

Congratulations to East County/Grackles on their undefeated Fall 7s season.

We hope all teams had a great time - see you in the Spring!

Spring 2023 Registration is Open Now

Register HERE

Every Kids Sports Pass



  • Winter applications are open until December 16th when any unused digital credit cards are canceled and the funds returned to EKSP

  • They budget for 9,000 kids per season and allocate funds on a first come basis

  • Funds allocated from Winter applications can be used to register for Spring sports

  • Spring applications will open mid-January but the actual date has not been confirmed yet

  • There's a one month window between mid-December and mid-January when no applications are processed

This is the information needed for the application: 

  • Parent/guardian’s name and contact information

  • Child’s name and date of birth

  • Organization hosting sport: Rugby Oregon

  • Season start and end dates: First game March 11 - Last game May 20, 2023

  • Full cost of program: $225

  • Website or Facebook page of the organization hosting sport:

  • Contact information for hosting sport’s representative (name, phone number, and email): Ross Emerick (503) 427-8429

  • Copy of Medicaid, WIC, or SNAP enrollment document required. Cards are not accepted. Document must include: Child's name and date of benefits that indicates that benefits are currently active. Active benefit date can be within one year of today's date. More information is available at Every Kid Sports Pass

Schedule of Upcoming Events

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