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Fear The Bows!

05/17/2018, 6:00pm PDT
By admin

Get to know Fear the Bows, the first all-girls grades 5 & 6 rugby team in Rugby Oregon history! All are multi-sport athletes who now add rugby to their list of favorite sports to play. And playing sports is what they do! Five of the eleven play competitive soccer together. Six play competitive basketball together (one plays against them!). One of them is a Junior Rodeo Champ. And they also have a dancer, a gymnast and a football player! And all eleven now play Rugby together!

Team Momager Extraordinaire, Meagan English, shared that she was "really nervous we would barely have enough kids to play Rugby this year (with only 7 signed up right before the deadline) so we did a little free practice to get people to try it out, and filled up!  We were also EXTREMELY lucky that Emily Reece and Emily Colvin, former Rugby Players for Canby High School through Rugby Oregon, volunteered to come coach the girls this season, and plan to return until they reach High School!"

While FTB are quite serious about their game, their fun side is always in tact. Every player has a nickname: Timmy, Tommy, Gertie, Dad, Ramen, Pablo, Cacus, Adopted Evily Sweet Aunt Sherry, Red, Bob and Michael. Even the coaches and team parents are in on the action and go by Fish, Lunch, Pieces and Tall Emily (what happens when two coaches are named Emily). 

When we asked how they would describe their experience, here's what they had to say. “It was really fun and I want to keep doing it next year!”  “I like our team”  “The teams we played against were good.” “It made us better to play against the teams that knew Rugby”  “Most of the people were really nice”  And from Meagan and Brian aka Fish and Lunch, who were rugby novices when they started the team "we thought it was awesome for all of them to try something that none of them had ever done before!  They really became cohesive, and learned SO much!  It was also nice for the parents not to know anything – we just got to enjoy the game, whether or not they were doing it right!  We learned something new every single week, and the girls really learned how to work through the kinks, adapt, and take feedback.  We all enjoyed the “Rugby Culture” as well – the “Player of the Match , the “Social”, the “Sir” – it was a great experience for all of us!"

When asked if they'd be back here's what they had to say "Yes!  At this point, it sounds like most of them hope to play again and represent Canby and our southern cities in Rugby! In fact, many of them were begging to try to play up to tackle next year (and the three 6th graders will!), but since the majority of our team are 5th graders, we hope to come back next year and do even better!"

Congratulations to Fear the Bows on an awesome first season of rugby together!

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