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Rugby in College

Plan for College

Now is the time to plan for college and rugby can be a great avenue to higher education and expanded opportunities. For those players interested in playing rugby while attending college, this page can offer you some great resources for how to get started.

Select a Rugby School

There are hundreds of collegiate rugby programs around the country, offering wonderful higher education opportunities for graduating seniors. Click here to find a college or university with a rugby program near you!

College Scholarships for Rugby

With the hundreds of collegiate rugby programs around the country, the number of scholarships available for rugby players is growing! This offers great possibilities for those students looking to play at a higher level. Click here to browse the many college scholarships available for rugby!

Want more support?

Karen Fong Donoghue is the owner and founder of The Rugger's Edge, the one and only resource for rugby athletic recruiting.  Karen is a professional college admissions counselor who focused on rugby players and can explain the current landscape of collegiate rugby and how your child can leverage his or her rugby talent and admission or scholarship.  Contact Karen at