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Red Hawks HS Girls

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Red Hawks HS Girls 2019

The Rugby Oregon Red Hawks High School girls teams are selected from high school players across Oregon and SW Washington. The Red Hawks participate each summer in USA Rugby's Regional Cup Tournament (RCT) called The Great Northwest Challenge, where America's best players compete for a Regional Cup Championship. USA Rugby’s Regional Cup Tournament College Showcases (RCTs) are the pathway to collegiate rugby play, college recruitment and exposure, and selection to the High School All American Teams! 

The Red Hawks take two girls teams to the Great Northwest Challenge.  Tier 1 is a U19 division which is primarily comprised of Juniors and Seniors and Tier 2 is a U16 division which is primarily comprised of Freshmen and Sophomores.

This year's Great Northwest Challenge will be in Boise, ID, June 28-29. See their website HERE for more details.

Are you interested in being a Red Hawks All-Star? Contact your local coach for more information!

A nomination by your local coach, is the first step in your journey to the All-Stars. If nominated, you will receive an invitation for a tryout.

What are the Red Hawks coaches looking for during selection? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider trying out for the Red Hawks team.

  • Do you have a TEAM PLAYER attitude? Are you an encourager of your teammates? Do you enjoy functioning as part of a unit? Are you willing to fill whatever position is needed on the team?
  • Are you COACHABLE? Are you hungry for feedback to improve your performance?
  • Do you have a good level of, and commitment to, FITNESS? Do you see fitness as important and push yourself to improve?
  • What is your level of RUGBY KNOWLEDGE? Do you continue to grow your understanding of the game and apply in on the pitch?

How are our Red Hawks doing at the RCTs?

2019 Great Northwest Challenge RCT

  • Tier 1 - Runner-Up
  • Tier 2 - Runner Up

2018 Great Northwest Challenge RCT

  • Tier 1 - Runner-Up
  • Tier 2 - Champions

2017 Great Northwest Challenge RCT

  • Tier 1 - Champions