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Baseline ImPACT Testing


ImPACT Baseline Testing is a pre-season exam conducted prior to the first practice. Baseline tests are used to assess an athlete’s brain function. Results from baseline tests can be used and compared to a similar exam conducted by a health care professional if an athlete has a suspected concussion. This comparison can assist health care professionals in identifying the effects of the injury and making more informed return to school and play decisions. Baseline tests may be repeated every 1-2 years, or more frequently if an athlete has sustained a previous concussion or if the athlete has a medical condition that could affect results of the test.


Rugby Oregon supplies a list of ImPACT Baseline Testing proctors. Players should work with their coaches to arrange for the test. If a player has already taken a test within the past 1-2 years through another sport, the player can provide the Passport ID, date and location of the test to Rugby Oregon for their records.



Use the ImPACT Proctors list to identify a proctor for testing

Refer to the ImPACT Testing Protocol for Coaches for guidance on the testing process

Additional information can be found here: Concussion Management Policy Coach FAQ



Please contact for the ImPACT Testing Protocol for Proctors document which provides guidance on the testing process.